City Treasurer

The City of Iron River Treasurer is responsible for the financial management and monitoring of the City’s revenues and expenses. The Treasury collects general revenue and pays expenses for the City. The Treasurer also collects and distributes property tax revenues as described below.

Property Tax Collection Due Date

The 2020 Summer tax payment due date is September 14. On September 15, interest of 1% of the unpaid taxes is added to the Summer tax bills. This is the only late penalty added to the tax bills by the City of Iron River. The 2020 Winter tax payment is due March 1st 2021. There is no change to the Winter tax payment schedule. On March 2nd the tax roll is turned over to the County Treasurer, and all unpaid real property taxes must be paid at the Iron County Courthouse. Personal Property taxes are collected by the City of Iron River Treasurer all year.

Tax Collection Information

Summer Tax Bills (First Installment): The summer tax bills are mailed the last working day of June. They are payable July 1 thru September 14 without interest. 1% interest begins September 15. If you have not received a tax bill and should have, please contact the City of Iron River Treasurer’s Office at 906-265-4719 extension 105. Summer taxes are collected for the City of Iron River, State Education, County Allocated, School Operating, School Sinking Fund, ISD Combined, DDA, and Special Assessments.

Winter Tax Bills (Second Installment): The winter tax bills are mailed the last working day of November. They are payable December 1 thru the last day of February. Winter taxes are collected for the Youth Camp, Medicare, Senior Center, Health Department, Road Commission, County Debt, 911, West Iron District Library, and the Windsor Recreation Authority.

Contact Information
Amanda Tukesbrey
Phone: (906) 265-4719 Ext: 105