Iron River, Michigan


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Wide open trails and groomed scenic journeys through the woods are Iron County's trademark. When planning a trip to Iron County to snowmobile, be sure to pack warm clothes as the temperature can drop below zero for several days. For the adventurous traveler, a forest map and compass will take you to deep powder, but bring a tow rope - you just might need it. If eating on the trail is your idea of fun, bring saddlebags to carry food and beverages. The ground scenery, with wide open expanses, lakes to play on (at your own risk), check with other riders for ice conditions, slush, beaver dams, ice fishing holes, and inlet waterways before snowmobiling on area waters. Venturing on to lakes carries an "at your own risk" policy and help is often a long distance away. Carrying a survival kit including a tow rope, extra clothing, matches, a flashlight, a map and compass, and first-aid equipment is highly recommended.
Over 200 miles of well-marked and groomed snowmobile trails make the U.P.'s Iron County a snowmobiler's paradise. The Iron Range Trails cover Amasa, Crystal Falls, Iron River, and Sidnaw, providing well over 200 miles of excellent sledding. These trails also connect with the vast trail systems of the Upper Peninsula and Northern Wisconsin. And with plenty of abandoned railroad grades and many straight-open stretches of two miles or more, Iron County is the place for you!

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