City Forms


Recreational Marihuana Application
Application for Amendment Zoning Map/Master Plan
E-mail Bill Enrollment Form (ATTN: Utility Billing Clerk)
Freedom of Information Act: Request for Public Records (ATTN Clerk)
Land Use Permit (ATTN Clerk)
Land Use Permit/Zoning Fees
Hydrant Use Permit
Water and Sewer Tap-in Permit Application (ATTN Clerk)
Sign Permi(ATTN Clerk)

Demolition Permit (ATTN Clerk)
Special Use Permit (ATTN Clerk)

Application for Service on a Board or Commission (ATTN Clerk)

Deferment of Summer Taxes Application (ATTN: Treasurer)
Request to Rescind Principal Residence Exemption (PRE) (ATTN: Treasurer)
Sample Poverty Exemption Application (ATTN: Treasurer)
Sample Guideline Resolution for Poverty Exemption (ATTN: Treasurer)
Federal Poverty Guidelines for 2018 Assessments
State Tax Commision Affidavit for Disabled Veterans Exemption (ATTN: Treasurer)
Homeowner’s Principal Residence Exemption Affidavit (ATTN: Assessor)
Utility Billing Auto Payment Form (ATTN: Utility Billing Clerk)
DDA Facade Grant Program
Winter Parking Permit Application

Application for Employment


*Remember to include payment for: Land Use Permit, Sign Permit, Sewer Tap Permits and Water Tap Permits.


Zoning Review Fee Schedule
Fiscal Year 2019
Appropriations Resolution
Freedom of Information Act: Procedures & Guidelines (Adopted July 17, 2015)
Freedom of Information Act: Fee Itemization Form
City of Iron River Master Plan (Survey Results, Documentation, Cluster Map)
City of Iron River Master Plan 2015-2035